Philippine Dermatological Society

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by Maria Juliet E. Macarayo, MD, FPDS

With the backdrop finally revealed… our Wise Owl watching over the eleven podiums, eleven logos and eleven sets of ABCD placards, the voice over formally set the mood for the 4th QUIZ BEE CUP of the Philippine Dermatological Society! The cheering was undeniable – as the contestants braved their way up on stage – nervously, for they do not have any idea what they are up against for this year’s cup!

But before we get any further, let me go over the years that passed. The PDS QUIZ BEE was reopened year 2013, after a long hiatus from the first ever quiz bee during the time of Dr. Elizabeth Amelia Tianco. Since then, it became a yearly affair, ably supported by an educational grant from Glenmark Philippines. With this reopening, the first winner was UP-PGH Section of Dermatology. This was followed by UERMMMC Section of Dermatology, year 2014 and OMMC Department of Dermatology, year 2015. The rolling Quiz Bee Cup Trophy has really been rolling from one institution to the other. This year, as the contest goes on its 4th year…all groups were still as excited as ever – looking forward to who will be crowned as the 4th QUIZ BEE CUP CHAMPIONS! Will there be a new institution? Will it still be OMMC? or will it be any of the previous winners?

Dr. Adrian Laurel, a graduate of RITM and our debonair emcee once again, did another great job! He really has this natural ability to cajole the contestants and make them jitter yet smile.

The judges, all non-institution based, was headed this time by Dr. Maria Juliet Macarayo. Together with Drs. Noemie Ramos, Cecille Rosete and Christene Pearl Arandia, they have planned all that were necessary to make this 4th cup a veritable yet a friendly competition, still with the goal of promoting camaraderie among the PDS Institutions. All the nitty-gritty details were checked by the committee, to ensure fairness of the competition. The life of the contest, which were the 25 main questions and a couple of tie-breaker questions were scrutinized and backed up by reliable sources.

Intermission numbers were not to be missed, given by RITM and EAMC – an exciting dance number by the former and an equally entrancing song number by Dr. Jerlyn Servas from the latter.

After the gruelling first half, which was composed of an EASY TEN question round 1, followed by a LESS EASY FIVE question round 2 and another HARDER FIVE question round 3, everyone thought that there will be a quick announcement of the THREE TOP INSTITUTIONS to vie for the FINAL round. With UP-PGH ensured a spot in the final round, three groups were called up on stage to answer a TIE BREAKER question: UST, RITM and SPMC. The tie was broken with one significant question and RITM and SPMC bagged the chance to compete with UP-PGH for the final and HARDEST FIVE question round. Truth be told, as SPMC was pronounced the 3rd placer for 2016 QUIZ BEE CUP, UP-PGH and RITM had to hurdle not only one but several TIE-BREAKER questions to decide who among these two top institutions will bring home the coveted TROPHY as CHAMPIONS! It was nerve-wrecking to have silence then cheering after each clincher question…but the inevitable has to happen – only ONE can be the CHAMPION!

And finally, for this year – RITM Department of Dermatology – emerged to be the CHAMPION of the 2016 PDS QUIZ BEE CUP!!! This institution literally went crazy, hurdling their balloons and ear-blowing cheers!

Our Congratulations will not end with RITM – but also to ALL institutions who did their very best to make this QUIZ BEE CUP possible – to all the contestants and reserves who studied and prepared and to their consultants who helped and supported their residents. We must remember that although this is not a part of their curriculum, joining this competition needs much knowledge of EVERYTHING…thus, endless days of preparation and thinking of what possible questions they have to answer…

As heard from the grapevine, every QUIZ BEE CUP of the Philippine Dermatological Society is harder than enduring a DERMATOLOGY examination!

Again, our heartfelt congratulations to our beloved PDS, its officers and board of directors, to the institution chairs and consultants, to the contestants and reserves, to all the residents and to Glenmark Philippines – for making this 4th PDS QUIZ BEE CUP another event to remember!

See you 2017!