Philippine Dermatological Society

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Dr. LavadiaLet’s chat…


Ma. Angela T. Medina-Lavadia MD, FPDS
President, Philippine Dermatological Society

In the fullness of time, a young sprout emerges from the seed, cautiously at first, then grows to maturity, blossoms and bears fruit.  The PDS is that plant, now laden with many beautiful colorful flowers. Our initiatives towards ‘Skin Health for All’ are likened to the fresh and fragrant scent of a flower in bloom—a pure gift of love to our country, and a fervent prayer of praise to our God.       “…and through us spreads everywhere, the fragrance of the knowledge of Him…the fragrance of life… (2 Cor. 2: 14,16)”

Our path as a society is filled with memories of joyous fellowship, camaraderie and achievement.  There are also days laden with trial and challenge. It is as it is …then and now. Our long sought after aspiration of Excellence in the science and art of Dermatology, and service to the Filipino people is filled with hurdles and obstacles requiring painstaking effort and enduring faith. We have encountered and are still encountering situations which mislead and blur the way.

However, if our primary motivation and desire is for the good of all, we have nothing to fear. A brilliant gem, a sapphire– luminescent, glowing ever brightly, purified by pain and trial, forged by fire –that is PDS now, in our 65th year.

The PDS member is equipped with the knowledge and expertise in Dermatology and is blessed with a compassionate heart for our people. Let us share this with all the world for the good of all. Like a lamp in the dark, let us shine forth so that its brilliant rays will light the way. The Bible says:

“…let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven (Matt. 5:16)”

There is only one obstacle that will hinder us– ourselves.  Let us be vigilant and battle our own indifference.  Let us not harden our hearts to the realities we face.

PDS, the Philippines needs you. You are the vanguard of the science and the art of Dermatology in the country. Let us bloom.  Let us glow.  Let us shine!