Philippine Dermatological Society

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Dr. Ma. Angela T. Medina-Lavadia, FPDS


This 2018, the open road beckons the PDS. It is filled with endless possibilities and exciting options which we all face as The Dermauthority.

An OPEN MIND empowers us with creativity and fresh vision to view perplexing challenges and obstacles in a new light. Age-old dilemmas and problems may be seen from a different angle and a new perspective emerges.

In 2018, the PDS will be launching fourteen (14) Skin Health and Eczema Congresses and Fairs in key cities all over the country. This activity not only aims to promote information on skin health, but more importantly, to reach out to all health professionals and the general public to let them know about PDS The Dermauthority. On the heels of the success of the 1st National Eczema Congress and Fair in June 2017, the PDS Regional chapters have taken on the challenge to replicate the Skin Fairs in major key cities.

Similarly, The Skin Museum’s initial successful debut in December 2017 at the Bonifacio Global City, is available for installation in other locations in the country this year. Our extensive CME programs in 2017, on-site or online, is another example of the far reach of the activities in the PDS.

An unshackled open mind to innovations and new approaches leads to fresh and exciting solutions.

An OPEN HEART enables us to reach out to all.

In response to changing times and demands, new strategies of engagement and interaction are in order. PDS The Dermauthority needs to emerge even more as the true leader in Dermatology. We need to step out of our comfort zone. A car ad aptly states, “Great things never come from comfort zones”.

Relationships and new modes of interaction with the government, the private sector, the PMA and all other medical societies have to be explored. Strategic partnerships may prove useful. Your PDS Board has adopted a policy of dialogue and cooperation with the DOH and the PMA in 2017. This has made our presence, our strength and our authority, a reality that cannot be ignored. In 2018, we will continue to be involved with the DOH in establishing Regional Dermatology Centers. Already, two new dermatology training programs within the DOH are considered to have applicant status for PDS accreditation. Several more are in the throes of birthing.

In the PMA, the PDS is recognized as a potent force to reckon with. We will continue to assert ourselves as The Specialty society in Dermatology, involved and active in programs on the national and local levels, and interacting with all specialty divisions, specialty societies and affiliate societies. We seek to build bridges, not walls. Our PDS Rainbow Committee, newly organized in 2017, is tasked to explore and plan innovative options to assertively communicate our leadership position while engaging all other specialty/ affiliate societies harmoniously.

Our involvement in the Dermatology global arena will continue to shine in 2018 through our participation in the ILDS World Skin Health Day initiative, the AAD Global Education Day, the League of Asean Dermatological Societies (LADS) Regional Congress of Dermatology and our hosting of the ISD Regional Congress jointly with our PDS Annual Convention in November of this year.

An open and fearless heart emboldens us to take the first step on the road untraveled.

OPEN HANDS demonstrate our stewardship of our time, talent and resources in the service of our people, be it the PDS membership community or the communities we serve. The PDS has been blessed with CME grants and opportunities, various partnerships in projects, initiatives, and outreach resources in 2017. In 2018, we will continue to reach out and serve our people. The PDS is blessed to be a blessing… let us continue to open our hands for others.

Before us, in 2018, is a bright and sunny horizon waiting to be explored and conquered. With an open mind, an open heart and open hands, let us continue to take bold new steps so PDS The Dermauthority will shine through!