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St. Luke’s Medical Center Department of Dermatology (GC & QC)

St. Luke’s Medical Center Department of Dermatology

In this  hyper-speed day and age of the internet, millennials abound with an interest in quick results and little downtime. Their increasing fascination with fresh, dewy, all-natural looking skin gives rise to a new demand for dermatologists to meet. This interesting subset of the population gives value to experiential gain, which in turn shapes the economy and the world they live in.

Last April 10, 2019, the St. Luke’s Medical Center Department of Dermatology hosted its bi-annual Postgraduate Course entitled DERMILLENNIUM: The IN in SKIN. This day was devoted to a timely discussion on medical updates and skin concerns of the millennial population. This highly anticipated event jam-packed with fun in learning featured competent and engaging speakers who generously imparted their knowledge on “millennial dermatology”. The dynamic roster of speakers included PDS-accredited dermatologists both in-house from St. Luke’s as well as honored guest speakers from other institutions.

The post-graduate course was kickstarted with a high-energy opening spiel by the moderator for the first half, Dr. Mary Elizabeth Danga. She called onto stage the two department heads of Dermatology, Dr. Cynthia Tan for Quezon City and Dr. Ma. Pilar Leuenberger for Global City, for their formal opening remarks to start the day right.
Veering away from the usual topics, the rich scientific program featured a carefully curated lineup of lectures that walked the audience through to a concise and sufficient understanding of what it means to practice dermatology and medicine in the age of millennials.

The first lecture of the morning was an Introduction of Millennial Dermatology which was delivered by beloved PDS immediate-past president, Dr. Ma. Angela M. Lavadia. This provided a sturdy scaffold for the rest of the talks that ensued. Next was a tag-team lecture on Skin in the Game: Dermatologic Problems Encountered by Athletes, which was expertly given by Dr. Randolph Molo and Dr. Johannes Dayrit. If that was not exciting and out-of-the-box enough, the audience traveled the world with Dr. Christian Cantos, who then gave a talk entitled, Intense Heat to Deep Freeze: Skin Issue and Solutions During the Age of Travel. Following this was an immensely enlightening lecture by Dr. Raymond Escalona on Skin Appetit: Effects of Diet on the Skin, which performed a deep dive into the 21st century perspective of Functional Medicine and its connection with inflammatory diseases of the skin. Dr. Rosario Blas proceeded to treat the audience to an excellent and easily digestible lecture entitled, Zap the Zits: A Millennial’s Guide to Treating Acne Vulgaris, followed by hair expert Dr. Rica Mallari giving a lecture entitled Here in Hair: A Dermatologist’s Perspective on Hair Care and Products.

The afternoon’s learning festivities at DERMILLENNIUM continued as moderator Dr. Deanna Ramiscal took to the stage. First, she introduced Dr. Donna Sarrosa to deliver her lecture entitled Atopic Dermatitis: Skincredible Ways to Ditch the Itch. This was followed by another tag team lecture series by Dr. Charlene Ang-Tiu and Dr. Jasmin Jamora, who delivered Dots and Spots: When to be Concerned, and Teledermoscopy as a Bridge to Better Dermatologic Outcomes. Sparking the crowd’s interest with a very relevant panel discussion was that on HIV and social media, led by Drs. Gilbert Yang, Winlove Mojica, Lonabel Encarnacion, and Irene Gaile Robredo-Vitas. These panelists managed to share their valuable insights in a relaxed and casual manner, which invited more exciting and entertaining discourse on the topics.

The final panel discussion for the day was entitled Crazy Rich Asian Skin: How to Get that Asian Glow, which showcased the expertise of three distinguished speakers – Dr. Aivee Aguilar-Teo, Dr. Claudia Samonte, and Dr. Maria Suzanne Datuin. They wowed the crowd with an up-to-date presentation of the different energy-based devices and skin treatment modalities that have caught the attention and preference of millennial-age dermatology patients. As a fun fact, the audience was “shookt” to learn that an allusion was made to Dr. Teo in the best-selling novel, Crazy Rich Asians by author Kevin Kwan.

A lively and fruitful day was coming to an end. Dr. Lia Nebrida-Idea was invited on stage to give a brief closing message for the post-graduate course, and she reminded audience participants of the many giveaways and freebies waiting for them outside the doors from generous event sponsors. DERMILLENNIUM proved to be as electric and impactful as the millennial age it portrayed, where innovation and learning is possible anywhere, at a heightened speed, at the tip of your fingers, at the click of a button.

Dr. Randy Molo giving a lecture on Skin in the Game


Speakers given due appreciation at the end of each panel discussion


Drs. Gaile Robredo-Vitas, Gilbert Yang, and Winlove Mojica sharing their insights on HIV and social media


Dr. Aivee Aguilar-Teo giving a lecture on Crazy Rich Asian Skin


Post-graduate Course Organizing Committee


SLMC Residents in Training with the Overall Post-Graduate Course Head, Dr. Lia Nebrida-Idea


SLMC Residents 2019