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Greetings to all PDS colleagues!

The infamous COVID-19 pandemic has compelled humanity to plunge to some form of paralysis. The Philippine Dermatological Society should continually be the perfect example of resiliency in this time of tribulation. It should remain as the vanguard in the education for our beloved specialty.

Therefore, the PDS WEB-Conference Series 2020 was conceptualized so that continuous learning will be available to everyone who has been forced to confine themselves within the walls of their homes. Available to all PDS members will be a variety of topics to be presented in a continuity of webinars. These are additional sources of informative stimuli following our monthly CMEs.

An initial schedule of topics will be seen below. Updates will be continually provided for everyone.

Peachy Paz Lao, MD, FPDS
Philippine Dermatological Society

 RE-opening Your Dermatology Clinic Post-COVID-19 Quarantine: PDS Interim Recommendations

May 15, 2020 (Friday)

Registration link:
Webinar ID: 398-063-843

Please log in before the webinar begins. You may Log In as early as one hour before the webinar

Guidelines currently available on the website. Should you have any queries and/or suggestions, you may ask the experts at the webinar.