Philippine Dermatological Society

“Shifting Paradigms: Advances in Dermatology”

by Anne Camille T. Cumagun, MD

The Department of Dermatology of the University of Santo Tomas, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, in cooperation with the Thomasian Dermatological Alumni Association Inc. held its 33rd Annual Post Graduate Course entitled “Shifting Paradigms: Advances in Dermatology” last September 17 and 18, 2020. A momentous event for the department for its first-ever online learning activity. With over 800 registrants the two half-day event was the first post graduate course to be held on a virtual online platform. Spearheaded by our very able and fierce course director Dr. Eleanor L. Letran, the event was truly a challenge especially during this time of pandemic. With over a dozen speakers both foreign and local, the course provided updates on current advances in the field of Dermatology.

The event began with an inspiring message given by our Dean, Dr. Maria Lourdes Maglinao, followed by the welcome remarks of our Department Chair Dr. Ma. Angela T. Cumagun.

This year, we were graced by Dr.Marisa Pongprutthipan our distinguished guest speaker from Bangkok, Thailand. A young, beautiful dermatologist with an impressive dermatology background. Dr. Pongprutthipan gave a total of four lectures and enthusiastically answered all the questions thrown at her. The following were her lectures: Combating SCARS (Acne, Hypertrophic, and Keloid), MELASMA: Latest Treatment Options, Non-Cosmetic Indications of Botulinum Toxin and Immunomodulatory Treatment of Periungual warts.

On the first day, there were a total of six lectures moderated by Drs Ria Siccion and Bernardita Policarpio.

Dr. Joseph Amado Galvez, is a renowned head and neck surgeon, he enlightened us on Fillers. He initially gave a review on the facial anatomy, where the placement should be, and the different types of fillers. Dr. Galvez also gave many useful tips for the practicing dermatologist.

Dr. Marisa Pongprutthipan’s first lecture was on scars. She touched on wound healing, the different types of scars – acne, hypertrophic, keloid and the different therapeutic modalities. Her second lecture was on melasma, she discussed the different laser technologies available but advised that first-line treatment should still be topical treatments and gave importance on proper patient selection.

Dr Jacqueline Ty-So, an alumna of UST Dermatology, lectured on “Growth Factor for Skin Rejuvenation: Hype or Not?”. She discussed the differences between growth factors, cytokines, their mechanism of action, and the science behind its incorporation into the different facial products used for rejuvenation.

A revelation was Dr. Raymond Escalona, a graduate of the Ateneo School of Medicine and a functional medicine doctor. He gave an enlightening and practical lecture on “Nutritional Immune Boosters: Eating Right and Living Well During COVID-19”. His lecture ranged from the pathogenesis of COVID in the body to a thorough discussion on the different food groups that would target the inactivation of inflammatory processes. Dr. Escalona provided practical tips regarding diet and nutrition, in order to keep ourselves healthy during this time of pandemic.

The first day ended with a lecture given by another alumni, Dr. Ma. Christina Tanciangco-Javier, “What’s New: Total Facial Rejuvenation”. Always an in demand topic, she discussed old and new trends and recommended a multimodal and holistic treatment approach with a consensus that combination treatment is now the standard of care for facial rejuvenation.

The second day was moderated by Drs. Malou H. Palmero and Ma. Victoria C. Dizon.

Dr. Jaime Anthony A. Arzadon, another well renowned head and neck surgeon, gave a lecture entitled “Maximizing Your Neurotoxins”. It was perfect for dermatologists who are thinking of incorporating botulinum toxins in their practice and a good review for toxin users. He shared many practical tips, including how to avoid complications and how to manage them.

Dr. Marisa Pongprutthipan, gave two back-to-back lectures on the second day. Her first lecture on “Non-Cosmetic Indications of Botulinum Toxin” enlightened us with the many dermatologic conditions that botulinum toxin can be utilized, either as treatment or as an adjunct. From psoriasis, rosacea, pruritus, hyperhidrosis, and vascular-related skin conditions. Her last lecture, was on “Immunomodulatory Treatment of Periungual warts” were she passionately talked about the treatment of warts. She focused on immunotherapy as her preference, with acceptable pain levels, no downtime and with prolonged results for patients.

Dr. Wilsie Salas-Walinsundin, a pediatric dermatologist, gave a lecture on “Updates on the Management of Genodermatoses”. She shed light on several rare skin diseases such as epidermolysis bullosa, ectodermal dysplasia, epidermolytic hyperkeratosis, and xeroderma pigmentosum. The risk of these patients contracting COVID-19, what are the possible complications and the treatment options available.

Dr. Nina Gabaton, a pediatric dermatologist and also an alumni of UST Dermatology lectured on “COVID: Control Of Dermatoses in the Very Young In the Digital Age”. She discussed the common pediatric dermatoses and the emergence and use of teledermatology in the management of these conditions.

The last speaker, Dr. Deanna Ramiscal gave a lecture entitled “Biologics: Beyond Psoriasis” she gave an in-depth discussion on the current biologic therapies and the other dermatologic conditions it can be used like atopic dermatitis, urticaria, and hand dermatitis.

Dr. Allan Dexter M. Alejo, on Acne Adherence and Topical Treatment, Dr. Maria Angela T. Cumagun on The ABCs in the Management of Atopic Dermatitis and Dr. Bernardita O. Policarpio on Revisiting IL- 17 Inhibitors in our Changing Times, were talks given by our friends from the industry.

Finally, the highly successful post graduate course was closed by Dr. Eleanor Letran. It is the Department of Dermatology’s contribution to all the doctors who have been supporting our UST postgraduate courses for the last 33 years. In line with this, it is also the Department’s contribution for the Sesquicentennial celebration on 2021 of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, celebrating 150 years of excellence in medical education.

Welcome message from UST-FMS Dean

Opening remarks from the Chair of the UST Department of Dermatology

Our esteemed international guest speaker doctor Marisa Pongprutthipan

All the lecturers of the event

All the moderators of the event

First open forum with doctors Joseph Galvez and Marisa Pongprutthipan moderated by doctor Ria Siccion

Second open forum with doctors Jacqueline Ty-So, Raymond Escalona and Christina Tanciangco-Javier moderated by doctors Bernardita Policarpio and Ria Siccion

Third open forum with doctors Jaime Arzadon and Marisa Pongprutthipan moderated by doctors Ma. Lourdes Palmero and Ma. Victoria Dizon

Our beloved course director, doctor Eleanor L. Letran