Philippine Dermatological Society


Telemedicine in dermatology or teledermatology is a service provided by dermatologists to educate and communicate with the new and follow-up patients.  It is conveniently located in the virtual realm. Physical travel is not needed unless the dermatologist specifies the need or urgency. A big plus for teledermatology, is the way the distance is shortened, while still maintaining professionalism of an actual face-to-face in-clinic consultation.

Patients can seek consultation at the safety of their work, home or private spaces using a gadget of choice, whether cellphone or computer. Synchronous or face-to-face in video conference, asynchronous forwarded photographs, or both can be utilized.

At present, there are 12 PDS accredited institutions and 3 applicant institutions giving FREE teledermatology services thru resident dermatologists in training. Schedules are available, mostly from 7-5pm Mondays to Saturdays. Here are some information about the FREE teledermatology consults being conducting in the 12 training institutions. Feel free to contact them!

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