Philippine Dermatological Society

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Let’s take a break from our clinics and refresh our minds with something green! Sorry, I am not referring to being green-minded but being “eco-friendly minded”.

Join us in the Plant Webinar on August 20, 2021 Friday from 5-7 pm. We have invited two speakers to shed light on relevant topics in the current Plantito/Plantita Craze.

National Museum Botanist John Rey Collado will talk about Endemic Ornamental Plant Species and the effect of Invasive Alien Ornamental Species in the current Plantito/Plantita Phenomenon. While Plant enthusiast Raphael Teraoka Dacones will share his expertise on Urban Herb Gardening.

To make things exciting, we shall be having a photo contest with the theme “My favorite plant and I”. Post a picture of yourself and your favorite plant/plants and share how your plants have affected your life with a hashtag #pdsmyplantandi in the Philippine Dermatologcial Society Members Facebook site or send your entry/entries to Dr. Jerome Acosta’s Viber number 0939 910 4174. Send as many entries as you want, the best 3 photos will win special prizes.

Zoom link to follow.

See you soon.