Philippine Dermatological Society

Double Bubble: Extending Care Through Teledermatology

Event: Double Bubble: Extending Care Through Teledermatology

Date: July 28, 2021

Venue: OMMC Department of Dermatology

Moderator: Armelia Andrea Lapitan-Torres, MD, FPDS

Welcome Remarks:  Francisco D. Rivera IV, MD, FPDS

Case Presenter: Beatriz Barbara A. Kho, MD

Mary Grace Anne A. Calvarido, MD, DPDS, DDSP-PDS
Raul M. Quillamor, MD, FPOGS, FPSMFM, FPSUOG
Matthew David S. Parco, MD, MBA, DPDS

Reactor: Camille Faye Ramirez-Tuazon, MD, DPDS

The Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center Department of Dermatology, in partnership with the Philippine Dermatological Society, hosted the Continuing Medical Education webcast entitled “Double Bubble: Extending Care Through Teledermatology” last July 28, 2021. The virtual CME, moderated by Dr. Armelia Andrea Lapitan-Torres, was well-attended by 600 participants. The program commenced with a heartfelt invocation by OMMC Department of Dermatology Training Officer, Dr. Eileen Regalado-Morales. This was followed by opening remarks from both PDS President Dr. Francisco D. Rivera IV and the OMMC Dermatology Chairman, Dr. Benedicto Carpio. An interesting case of Pemphigoid Gestationis managed through teledermatology was presented by Dr. Beatriz Barbara Kho, a second-year OMMC resident. To supplement these, Dr. Mary Grace Anne Calvarido proceeded to impart pearls on the condition, including its clinical and histopathologic diagnosis, differential diagnoses, management, and prognosis, while well-respected Obstetrician-Gynecologist Dr. Raul M. Quillamor extensively discussed the case from an obstetric-perinatal point of view and provided an overview of safe dermatologic drug use during pregnancy. This was followed by a timely presentation by Dr. Matthew Parco, which highlighted the use of teledermatology in chronic skin diseases. Interactive poll questions raised throughout the webcast captured the participants’ attention, and an open forum with the reactors and with Dr. Camelia Faye Ramirez-Tuazon was held to address any questions.Finally, the program was brought to a close by Dr. Eileen Regalado-Morales. This month’s Continuing Medical Education has shown the effectivity and versatility of teledermatology in the management of chronic bullous diseases, thus establishing it as an alternative means of providing continuous dermatologic care during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Dr. Armelia Torres introduces and moderates the CME program entitled "Double Bubble: Extending Care Through Teledermatology"
Dr. Eileen Regalado-Morales, Training Officer of the OMMC Department of Dermatology, starts the program with a solemn prayer
Dr. Francisco Rivera IV, PDS President, gives his Opening Remarks
Dr. Benedicto Carpio, Chairman of the OMMC Department of Dermatology, delivers his Welcoming Remarks
Dr. Beatriz Kho, 2nd year Resident, presents a case of Pemphigoid Gestationis managed through Teledermatology
Dr. Raul Quillamor, the program's distinguished guest speaker, gives a lecture on Pemphigoid Gestationis from the OB-GYN standpoint
An Open Forum joined by Drs. Quillamor, Calvarido, Parco, Tuazon and Kho was held after the lectures to address the audiences' inquiries
Dr. Armelia Torres introduces Dr. Eileen Regalado-Morales, Training Officer of the OMMC Department of Dermatology, for her closing remarks