Philippine Dermatological Society

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The Philippine Dermatological Society’s Induction Ceremony is one of the most anticipated highlights in a dermatologist’s career.

In this defining event, we officially welcome our new diplomates into our fold and celebrate the culmination of their hard work and perseverance.

We also elevate to fellow status our diplomates who have satisfied the requirements for such. Furthermore, we recognize the new life members for their years of dedication, compassionate care and contribution to the growth of Philippine Dermatology.

Amidst the pandemic, the Socials and Membership Committees have come up with a special virtual event in celebration of the triumphs of our new diplomates, fellows and life members.

We cordially invite our dear colleagues to join us in the 2021 PDS Virtual Induction Ceremony on October 7, Thursday, 6 PM via the following livestream links;

Please take note that the landing pages for the above links will be the main pages of the PDS public Facebook and YouTube accounts.
The specific links shall be sent to all a few days prior to the event
Please find the attached the invitation poster, QR codes and final programme for the said event.

We look forward to seeing all of you in this momentous occasion.

Keep safe and may God bless us all.