Philippine Dermatological Society

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Dear Colleagues,
You are cordially invited to our PDS Dermatologic Surgery Subspecialty Core Group
Webinar on July 8, 2022, Friday Time:7:00 pm to 8:20 pm, entitled: Diamond in the Rough: Setting up a DermSurgery Practice in the Province.
Our esteemed speakers are Drs Emily Soriano and Jerome Acosta who will share their struggles and success , experiences and pearls in the setting up a DermSurgery practice in the province. This will be moderated by Dr Kristine Bunagan.This is going to be exciting, so pls don’t miss it!
PDS CME units to follow. To register pls click on this link:
Pls see attached invitation and program for details.

Thank you,
Teresita S. Ferrariz MD,FPDS
PDS Dermsurgery Subspecialty Core Group
Webinar Coordinator
Krisinda DimJamora MD,FPDS

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