Philippine Dermatological Society

SOUTHERN Luzon Chapter

PDS Southern Luzon Chapter

Officers 2021-2022

President: Mariliza G. Javalera-Echivarre, MD, FPDS
Vice-President: Raul Olveda Ojeda, Jr, MD, FPDS
Secretary: Anna Lou C. Diaz, MD, FPDS
Treasurer: Francis Michael M. Marcelino , MD, FPDS
Immediate Past President: Lizelle Joselyn L. Buenafe, MD, FPDS

Board of Directors

Mariliza G. Javalera-Echivarre, MD, FPDS
Raul Ojeda, Jr. MD, FPDS
Anna Lou C. Diaz, MD, FPDS
Francis Michael M. Marcelino, MD, FPDS
Lizelle Joselyn L. Buenafe, MD, FPDS
Ma. Theresa E. Agaab-Carmona, MD, FPDS
Nenita Q. Manzano, MD, FPDS
Jeni M. Pua, MD, FPDS
Charina Ann R. Pelayo, MD, FPDS
Mary Ann P. Aguado, MD, FPDS

Provincial Coordinators

Florence Ruiz Buenaventura, MD (BATANGAS)
Ma. Lourdes Cruz Sarmiento, MD (BICOL)
Cleopatra Patricia G. Guieb, MD (CAVITE)
Jeni Maunahan Pua, MD (LAGUNA)
Anna Lou C. Diaz, RN, MD, FPDS,MHA (LAGUNA)
Ma. Theresa Agaab Carmona, MD (QUEZON)

Working Committees


Head: Gina Eubanas, MD
CME Coordinator: Anna Lou Castro Diaz, MD
Skin Fair Coordinators: Ma. Asuncion Prieto Quimlat, MD
Florence C. Castillo, MD


Outreach Program: May Roces, MD
Skin Week: Subchapter representatives


Marisel P. Abejo, MD (Chair)
Members: Katherine Joy S. Aguiling, MD
Windell B. Tan, MD


Social Media: Raul Ojeda, MD
Webinar Alerts: Raul Ojeda, MD


Dermatopathology: Andrea Mendoza, MD
Phototherapy: Anna Lou C. Diaz, MD
Contact Dermatitis: Jeni Pua, MD
Dermatologic Surgery: Lian Songco, MD
Lasers: Mariecon Escuadro Chin, MD
STI: Frank Marcelino, MD
HEAD: Gina Eubanas, MD

PDS-SLC Members


usan Robledo-Bautista, M.D. FPDS
Maria Cristina Candava-Aquino, MD, FPDS
Julie Anne Patricia M. Songco, MD, FPDS
Theresa Tumanguil-Polintan, MD, FPDS
Gina Antonina Santiago Eubanas, MD, FPDS, D Clin Epi
Dumont I. Domingo, MD, DPDS
Edessa Brion-Lat, MD, DPDS
Ma. Lourdes Dimayuga-Katigbak, MD, FPDS
Maria Theresa Mapilisan-Reyes MD, FPDS
Mary Ann Partoza-Aguado, MD., FPDS
Janet C. de Grano, MD, FPDS
Florence Ruiz-Buenaventura MD, DPDS
Cheryl Anne Cera Dizon, MD, DPDS
Christine Joyce R. Florentino, MD, DPDS
Ma. Isabel Ferrer-Divinagracia MD FPDS
Marcela R. Villena, MD, FPDS


Evelyn Chan Aparte, MD, FPDS
Ceres Villariba Romano, MD, FPDS
Sherwin Arceo LLego, MD, FPDS
Ma Theresa Agaab Carmona, MD, FPDS
Arsenia Luz Adao Grey, MD, FPDS
Camille Maria Ysabelle Calayan Terte, MD, FPDS
Glenn Valle Herrera, MD, FPDS
Mary Jennifer Jardiel Abcede, MD, FPDS
Grace Mendoza- Bardelosa, MD, FPDS, FPSA
Maria Mychel Bayaua-Salvacion, MD, DPDS


Anna Lou Castro – Diaz, RN, MD, MHA, FPDS, FPSQua
Maryliza Evangelista – Millora, RMT, M.D., FPDS
Maria Azirrel D. Godinez, MD, FPDS
Belinda V. Quiroz-Lim, MD, DPDS
Gay Loretto A. Lacas-Fabian , MD, FPDS
Florence C. Castillo, MD, FPDS
Lira Mary Ann C. Peralta, MD, DPDS
Luisa Cecilia C. Borromeo, MD, FPDS
Michelle De Guzman-Escalada, RPh, MD, DPDS
Althea Maria S Tiamzon RPh, MD, DPDS
Remedios R. Sarmiento, MD, FPDS
Leona Carmen R. Sarmiento, MD, FPDS
Paula Karina Gonzales-Carait, MD, FPDS, FPSVI
Mariecon Escuadro-Chin, MD, FPDS, FPSVI
Mary Natalie Casuela-Quesada, MD, FPDS
Ma Michellende Dolores Guadarrama- Gatchalian MD, FPDS
Johannes F. Dayrit MD, FPDS, FDSP (PDS)
Aeleene Jill Rosselle Ramos-Braga, MD, DPDS
Maria Nieva Macasaet-Racimo, MD, FPDS
Aileen D. Pandanan, MD, FPDS
Trisha C. Crisostomo, MD, FPDS
Laarni R. Briones, MD, FPDS, MHA
Leilani R. Senador, MD, FPDS
Carmela Augusta F. Dayrit-Castro, MD, FPDS
Maria Corazon E. Llamado, MD, FPDS
Michelle Christine B. Salvano, MD, FPDS
Pamela C. Guiang, MD, DPDS
Maria Bernadette S. Ugalde, MD, FPDS
Charina Ann R. Pelayo, MD, FPDS
Aissa Celeste Aguilar-Almeda, MD, FPDS
Lei Anne Michelle R. Hernandez MD FPDS
Joan Ilano-Sahilan, MD, FPDS
Ailza Bellamy R. Limcangco MD, FPDS
Patricia Cleopatra G. Guieb RN, MD, FPDS, FPADSFI, FPSVI
Maria Arlene Aurelia S. Abella – Sauña, M.D., FPDS
Miguel Remigio T. Maralit, RN, MD, DPDS
Carminda P. Rogacion, MD, DPDS
Armelia Andrea L. Torres, MD, FPDS, FPA
Jeanne Lind C. Gonzales, MD FPDS


Jeni M. Pua, MD, FPDS
Mariliza G. Javalera-Echivarre, MD, FPDS
Ma. Charina D. Reyes, MD, FPDS
Christine Agda Dy, MD, FPDS
Eleanor Jeanette B. Masa M.D., FPDS
Francis Michael M. Marcelino, MD, FPDS
Raul O. Ojeda Jr. MD FPDS
Noemi G. Guloy, MD FPDS
Anna Gracia A. Garcia MD FPDS
Cristina David Tan, MD FPDS
Maria Olivia dG. Domingo, MD FPDS
Maria Carmela A. Tamayo MD FPDS
Virma Consuelo S. Ramos, MD, FPDS
Christine Joyce R. Florentino, MD, DPDS
Maria Rosario Leonor V. Arceo, MD, FPDS
Marie Judith V. Eusebio, MD, FPDS
Kathleen May V. Eusebio-Alpapara, MD, FPDS
Melanie Grace D. Raguindin, MD, DPDS
Esmer O Flores-Gonzales, MD, FPDS
Cecilia A. Bacani, MD, FPDS
Ederlinda D. Ocampo, MD. FPDS
Blesilda L. Cuadra, MD, FPDS
Kairhun Janine L. Cuadra, MD, DPDS
Virgie Ritz (Bambi) M. Dy, MD, FPDS
Ma.Melissa C.Pasion-Dabao,MD,FPDS
Joan Joy R. Patricio, MD, DPDS
Maria Beatriz R. Lagos, MD, FPDS
Ma. Elena D. Villacorta MD, FPDS
Altonette B. Ocampo, MD, FPDS
Aileen Christine N. Barreiro, MD, FPDS
Andrea Marie Bernales-Mendoza, MD, DPDS, DDSP
Maria Cristina A. Santos, MD, FPDS
Mary Jane V. Padua-Arzadon, MD, FPDS
Anna Erlvie M. Opiña, MD, DPDS
Johanna Pauline H. Lazo-Dizon, MD, FPDS
Maria Cristina Ceballos-Lacuanan MD DPDS
Liana Caceres MD
Claire Marie Reyes Habito, MD FPDS
Gemma Theresa C. David-Corpuz, MD, DPDS
Enrizza P. Factor MD DPDS
Faye Elinore V. Kison MD, DPDS


May Rose Lagasca – Roces , MD, FPDS
Nenita Q. Manzano, MD, FPDS
Nesmarie M. Sacil, MD, DPDS
Ma. Asuncion Prieto-Quimlat, MD, FPDS
Marisol T. Rebueno-Picart, MD, FPDS, MMHoA
Hazel Madeleine D. Cappleman-Sia, MD, DPDS
Carolina P. Capuno MD, FPDS
Rizza O. Joson MD, DPDS
Maria Lourdes C. Sarmiento, MD, FPDS
Elissa N. Donor, MD, FPDS
Jo Faustine Manzano, MD, DPDS
Cara Lynn Marie N. Chia, MD, DPDS
Ma. Fortuna S. Marcelo, MD, MOH, FPDS
Mary Jane G. Uy MD, MPH, FPDS
Monina Aurora Luzuriaga-Dorotan, MD, FPDS


Christine Marie C. Acosta, MD
Jerome Michael P. Acosta, MD
Cristina C. Co-Aquilino, MD
Catalina Jewel M. Cuico-Atienza, MD
Patricia Gaile E. Espinosa, MD
Concepcion Imelda P. Ridon, MD
Melanie Joy C. Doria-Ruiz, MD
Windell B. Tan, MD

Philippine Dermatological Society Accredited Institutions