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Dermatology Practice Post-COVID 19 Quarantine: PDS Recommendations

Dermatology Practice Post-COVID 19 Quarantine: PDS Recommendations

Who would have thought that even if our satellites have captured the solar system, an unseen enemy, visualised only by a microscope, would be an ubiquitous, menacing force which maneuvered life on Earth to a standstill.

Such is the SARS-CoV-2, a microbe which descended on humanity and caused a catastrophic depredation on human life. As we slowly rise like a phoenix from the ashes of this pandemic, this compilation of guidelines is the humble contribution of the Philippine Dermatological Society dedicated to our members as we all start to regain our precious losses.



The utilization of telemedicine and imaging to deliver remote dermatological services to patients at a distance.

Clinic Preparedness

Clinic operation resumption should be done in stages. Educate your staff. Limit points of entry for all patients, regardless of symptoms.


Consider re-opening your clinic to see both urgent and elective cases if the community COVID-19 assessment risk in your area is low.


Defer all elective dermatologic procedures and surgeries until there is a sustained reduction in the prevalence rate of new COVID 19 cases.


Telemedicine and other non-direct care have been recommended as initial approaches, when appropriate.


Appendices published in the paper can be found here.  If you want to download the document, click on it and choose “Save as..”


Infographics found in the recommendation paper, in the CDC and WHO websites, as well as those made by UP-PGH Dermatologists may be accessed and downloaded here.
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