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How To Be a Member in Good Standing

How to Be a Member in Good Standing

  • Updated Annual Dues 2021
  • PDS Business Meeting (2020)
  • PMA Certificate of Good Standing (01 Jun 2021 to 31 May 2022)
  • CME Attendance (2020)
    • at least 2 CME Events
    • Refer to PDS CME Summary below
  • PDS CME 75 (2020)

This table shows the CME point equivalence of the different PDS activities to maintain good standing status.
CME Points Equivalent for Good Standing Status Maintenance
1. PDS Pre-convention workshop 50 units
2. PDS Annual Convention 100 units
3. PDS Training Institution Post-graduate courses, Regional CME & other Workshops in dermatology
(Research, Evidence-based Medicine, Good Clinical Practice and Mid-year Convention)
International Dermatological Conventions/workshops (AAD, RCD, ADA, World Congress etc)
Half-day: 30 units
One day: 50 units
Two days: 80 units
4. PDS Monthly CME and PDS Webinar by Institutions February-November; PDS Leap; Resident’s Research Forum Research Committee CME in January 15 units
5. Attendance to other Medical Society’s CME activity 5 units
6. Faculty members of PDS-accredited training institutions 80 units
7. Speaker in PDS and other medical societies (local/international) 20 units
8. Reactor or Moderator in PDS and other Medical Societies 10 units
9. Membership in PDS Committees 50 units

Frequently Asked Questions

You have fulfilled and attended all pre-requisites to be a member in good standing but you have not reached the mandatory 150 PDS CME points.  Attendance to the convention (without pre-con) is 100 PDS CME points.  Attendance to 1 PDS CME or PDS Leap is equivalent to 15 PDS CME points.  Thus the total PDS CME points in this case is 130 PDS CME.  20 points shy of the mandated 150 PDS CME.  You may augment this with certificates from other medical societies (here or abroad), postgraduate courses, etc.  See table above for other ways to earn the corresponding PDS CME units.
NO. You may have surpassed the mandated 150 PDS CME points but one of the requirements to be in good standing is attendance to 2 any combination of PDS CME, PDS Chapter CME, PDS Leap or PDS Webinar.
NO. The conference you attend abroad regardless of the topic, the extent, the workshop is worth 5 PDS CME points and cannot take the place of the PDS Annual Convention.
For members living abroad you are excused from physically attending the CMEs BUT you need to be updated with your annual dues. You are encouraged though to attend the CMEs via Webinar.
You are excused from the mandated 150 PDS CME points. You have to formally write the Chair of Membership about your fellowship stating the duration and other pertinent information regarding your fellowship.
Yes. PDS Webinar is considered a CME. PDS Secretariat sends an email regarding the dates and registration of the Webinar broadcast.
You need to be logged in for 60 minutes to be credited the full CPD units, better still to be logged in the whole CME. Even if you get disconnected, the cumulative time that you have logged on is tabulated and totaled. Accomplish the evaluation form (usually sent by PDS Secretariat via email before or after the CME) and submit back via email to the email provided (host institution). These evaluation forms will be submitted to PRC.

Webinar schedule will be announced.

  • January 30, 2019 – Professionalism & Ethics in Research
  • February 27, 2019 – Role of Dermatologists in the Health Delivery Network
  • March 27, 2019 – Psychocutaneous Medicine
  • April 24, 2019 – Dermatologic Emergencies
  • May 29, 2019 – Dermsurgery
  • June 26, 2019 – Immunodermatology
  • July 31, 2019 – Laser
  • August 28, 2019 – STI
  • September 25, 2019 – Dermpathology
  • October 23, 2019 – Contact Dermatitis
  • This is a requirement for your Philhealth renewal
  • This is also a requirement for your hospital accreditation.
  • You can avail of the good standing member rate during conventions.
  • You have access to online journals
  • You have access to Webinar
  • You have access to the CME and Leap
  • You are eligible for sickness and disability benefits as outlined by the Kabalikat Fund
After observance of due process and upon approval of 2/3 of the Board of Directors, sanction or discipline ranging from censure, suspension to expulsion from the Society may be imposed upon a member who:
  • Failed to pay the dues and other financial obligations to the Society for 2 consecutive years without justifiable cause after due notification.
  • Failed to attend the Annual Meeting and Convention for 2 consecutive years without justifiable cause
  • Ethical issues

A member who has been in an inactive status or who fails to comply with membership requirements for 2 consecutive years without justifiable cause shall be dropped from the membership. We want to emphasize also that no disciplinary action may be taken against any member of the Society until after proper notification and a fair hearing by the Ethics Committee and/or the Board of Directors is provided.

  • Fellows of good standing can vote on all matters relating to the affairs of the society.
  • Fellows in good standing for 5 years can be voted upon as officers of the Society or members of the Board of Directors
  • Fellows of good standing for the last 8 years can be voted upon as members of the Nomination Boards.
  • Diplomates and Fellows in good standing can be appointed as members of PDS Committees.
  • Diplomates and Fellows in good standing can avail of facilities of the Society subject to reasonable limitations.
  • Diplomates and Fellows in good standing can personally examine the records or books of the society during business hours upon written notification to the board at least 3 working days prior to the date of examination of such records or books of the society.
All active members are entitled to membership assistance for the following conditions, upon proper verification, deliberation and recommendation of the Committees on Membership Assistance and Membership, and approval of the Board. Membership assistance benefits are awarded to regular and life members who are in good standing with the society. If the annual dues for the current period are not paid, members will not be qualified for membership assistance benefits. For members who have recently updated their annual dues, they could only qualify for membership assistance benefits after 90 days from the update of their annual dues. Membership Assistance Benefits on paid dues (in Philippine pesos) are as follows:
  • Paid on time for current period only
    • Disability Benefits – 4,000
    • Death Benefits – 2,000
  • Paid on time for current period plus 1 immediate prior period (+ 1 year)
    • Disability Benefits – 6,000
    • Death Benefits – 4,000
  • Paid on time for current period plus 2 prior consecutive periods (+ 2 years)
    • Disability Benefits – 12,000
    • Death Benefits – 10,000
  • Paid on time for current period plus 3 prior consecutive periods (+ 3 years)
    • Disability Benefits – 30,000
    • Death Benefits – 24,000
  • Members > 5 years with updated dues
    • Disability Benefits – 4,000
    • Death Benefits – 2,000
  • Officers/Board Directors (at least 1 full term)
    • Disability Benefits – 40,000
    • Death Benefits – 30,000
* Paid on time means payment of dues on or before May 31.
  • Complications arising from cosmetic surgery
  • Sterilization of either sex or several of such as artificial insemination, sex transformation or diagnosis and treatment of infertility
  • Rest cures, custodial domiciliary or convalescent care
  • Psychiatric disorders, drug/substance abuse, acute alcoholism, and illness secondary to said subject
  • Congenital anomalies and conditions
  • Injuries or illnesses which are self-inflicted, caused by attempts at suicide or incurred as a result of breaking ordinances and laws or while participating in the commission of a crime

PDS is one of the medical societies that is a CPD provider. Meaning our activities have CPD units awarded by PRC after we apply for the said event.
When a PDS member attends a CME, Leap or Annual Convention with CPD units awarded, that is noted and tabulated.

When the member needs the points (during renewal of PRC license), the membership committee will then issue a certification listing down the CMEs, postgraduate courses or annual convention attended with the corresponding CPD units which in turn can be presented to PRC.

It is still advisable to have your certificates on hand as well, just to be sure.

First and foremost, these certificates embodies all the challenges you have faced to be a full-fledged dermatologist hence should be valued and kept in safe-keeping.

These certificates are needed whenever you apply for initial accreditation to Philhealth and hospitals.
It is possible to request for a copy but a processing fee of Php10,000 will be asked of you.

The fee is purposely prohibitive so that our members will put value and premium on these certificates. Its importance cannot be stressed enough.
It takes time, effort and money to “reconstruct” these certificates. We need to have all the signatories sign again.

There are some signatories who are based outside of Manila thus courier services are required.

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