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PDS Member Benefits

PDS Member Benefits

PDS Covid-19 Assistance Program

PDS will give:
  • P30,000 to PDS members who are diagnosed with COVID+ moderate to severe category
  • P20,000 to PDS residents of accredited training institutions who are diagnosed with COVID+ moderate to severe category

Requirements to be submitted through email

  • Letter of request to the PDS Vice-President and Head of Membership Assistance
  • Medical abstract / certification from the hospital

Note: Members who availed of the PDS COVID-19 Assistance Benefit are still eligible to avail of the PDS Kabalikat Disability Benefit for non-COVID illness.

Disability Benefits

Any serious illness caused by bodily injury or disease that would prevent the member from performing substantially all the duties of his / her profession for a period of not less than 3 months can claim only once. Examples, among others are the following:

  • Illness or injuries such as but not limited to cancer with metastasis and/or requiring chemotherapy or radiation therapy, meningitis, encephalitis, cirrhosis of the liver, severe acute myocardial infarction, cardiovascular attack, rheumatic heart disease grade III, renal failure, other conditions requiring dialysis or transplant, other conditions with massive hemorrhagic shock of any cause
  • Surgical procedure or multiple surgical procedures done in one sitting such as but not limited to coronary angioplasty, coronary bypass, open heart surgery or neurosurgery
  • All confinements requiring services in an intensive care unit such as respiratory and cardiac / thermodynamic monitoring support and maintenance support and maintenance

PDS Kabalikat Fund Guidelines

Paid on time for current period only 4,000 2,000
Paid on time for current period plus 1 immediate prior (+1 year) 6,000 4,000
Paid on time for current period plus 2 prior consecutive periods (+2 years) 12,000 10,000
Paid on time for current period plus 3 prior consecutive periods (+3 years) 19,000 14,000
Members > 5 years with updated dues 30,000 24,000
Officers / Board of Directors (at least 1 full term) 40,000 30,000
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