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Immunodermatology Subspecialty Core Group

Officers and Members

1st Row (L-R): Jamaine Cruz-Regalado, MD, Jasmin J. Jamora, MD, Evelyn R. Gonzaga, MD, Marie Eleanore Nicolas, MD, Mae Ramirez-Quizon, MD

2nd Row (L-R): Rogelio Balagat, MD, Katrina Canlas- Estrella, MD, Melanie Doria-Ruiz, MD, Clarisse Garcia-Mendoza, MD, Bryan Guevarra, MD

Not in photo: Johanna Pauline L. Dizon, MD, Benjamin Bince, MD


  • To provide comprehensive, compassionate & individualized dermatological care for
    patients in the field of Immunodermatology
  • To provide up-to-date evidence-based guidelines in the management of
    Immunodermatology cases among other PDS members.


The Immunodermatology Subspecialty Core Group will be a key working group in the whole of the Philippines who will provide up-to-date evidence-based patient-oriented dermatological care for Immunodermatology cases in the next 10 years



The Immunodermatology Subspecialty Core Group aims to:
  1. Provide a comprehensive, compassionate & individualized dermatological care for patients in the field of Immunodermatology
  2. Encourage members of the Philippine Dermatological Society to develop an interest and understanding of the science of immunodermatology and related areas of interest


It aims for the following:
  1. Promote and share knowledge in the following areas of interest:
    1. Autoimmune blistering diseases
    2. Inherited Epidermolysis bullosa
    3. Rheumatologic dermatology (i.e. Lupus, Dermatomysitis, Systemic sclerosis, Morphea, and Vasculitis)
  2. Promote the diagnostic tests for work up needed for the diagnosis of these diseases (i.e. Direct Immunofluorescence and ELISA assay)
  3. Promote research and the development of local guidelines relative to this subspecialty
  4. Network with international groups supporting this specialty for the benefit of patients and dermatology residents in training

Membership Qualifications

  1. PDS Fellow with good moral character and good standing with PDS
  2. Involved in any or all of the ff:
    • Recognized training on Immunodermatology
    • Academic teaching affiliation on Immunodermatology
    • Primary involvement or participation in clinical trials and other relevant research in
    • Authorship on research publications in immunodermatology
    • Involvement in advocacies on immunodermatology
    • Focused type of dermatological practice in immunodermatology
    • Consistency in attending and participating continuing professional development on
      immunodermatology and those conducted by the immunodermatology subspecialty
      core group
    • Other relevant indicators to show genuine interest in the subject (e.g. active
      Involvement in related projects and activities embarked on immunodermatology)

Application Requirements

  • At least 6 months to 12 months fellowship training in Immunodermatology (blistering diseases, connective tissue diseases, or inherited EB)
  • Kindly submit to
    • Letter of intent to join the group to:
        Chair, PDS Immunoderm Subspecialty Core Group
    • Copy of Certificate of Fellowship Training
    • Curriculum Vitae