Philippine Dermatological Society

Table of Contents

Pigmentary Disorder Interest Group

Officers and Members


  1. Renewed interest in the range and scope of Pigmentary Disorders
  2. Encountered more opportunities for collaboration and linkages with regional and international pigmentary groups


To educate fellow dermatologists on the diagnosis and management of various pigmentary disorders by promulgating evidence-based knowledge through research and collaboration with other allied societies.


To create the Philippine consensus guidelines on the various pigmentary disorders, not limited to melasma and vitiligo.


General Objectives

  1. To provide evidence-based knowledge on various pigmentary disorders
  2. To create the Philippine consensus guidelines regarding pigmentary disorders but not limited to melasma and vitiligo
  3. To inspire excellence in research, translating to successful treatment modalities and improved patient outcomes


Special Objectives

  1. To promote awareness of pigmentary disorders
  2. To explore the challenges encountered in pigmentary disorders
  3. To compare features, benefits, safety and efficacy of the different modalities in the treatment of pigmentary disorders
  4. To have an in-depth understanding of the pathophysiology of pigmentary disorders
  5. To do research / scientific papers related to pigmentary disorders
  6. To establish international linkages with societies with common interests

Core Group Membership

  1. PDS Fellow with good moral character and good standing with PDS
  2. Involved in any 3 or more of the following:
    1. Academic teaching affiliation on pigmentary disorders (residency training, fellowship training, basic science teaching activities)
    2. Lectured on pigmentary disorders, locally or internationally
    3. Participation in clinical trials and other relevant research on pigmentary disorders
    4. Authorship on research publications on pigment disorders, published journal article (s)/book chapter(s), locally or internationally
    5. Involvement in advocacies on pigment disorders
    6. Focused dermatological practice on pigment disorders
    7. Consistency in attending and participating in continuing professional development on pigment disorders and those conducted by the SIG

Application Requirements

  1. PDS Diplomate/Fellow in good standing with the PDS who must submit a certificate of good standing for the year of application
  2. A letter of intent addressed to the Chair of the interest group stating the reasons for the application and proposals/plans to contribute to the advancement of the interest group
  3. Complete curriculum vitae with 1×1 recent photo
  4. A completed research on pigmentary disorders (attach copy)
  5. A published journal article/book chapter, locally or internationally, on pigmentary disorders (attach a copy)
  6. A lecture delivered on pigmentary disorders, locally or internationally (attach speaker’s certificate)